I am hopeful that sharing my thoughts will in some way positively impact the lives of any who happen upon them.

Hi, My name is Henry Christian.  

I invite you to learn more about me as I share my thoughts on Fatherhood, Fitness, and Life.  I’ll focus on these topics for different reasons.  My unquestioned, number one passion is that of being a dad.  I draw so much joy from “dadding” (being a dad should be a verb, not a noun as far as I see it!).  I’ll share thoughts from my perspective and experiences as a divorced father of three.  I’ve also chosen to focus on fitness due to the number of questions I receive generally asking how I manage to maintain the physique of a man 30 years younger.  I’ll share my thoughts, activities, and tips (warning: there’s no magic answer, but at least I won’t try to sell you a fad diet!).  I’ll also muse about Life.  Of course, I’m more than just Fatherhood and Fitness.  I’ll share insight into what makes me, me.  I also invite you to join me as I navigate life, struggles, successes, uncertainties in real-time.    

Explore my blog postings.  I’d recommend starting with the posting: Who is Henry.  Come share your thoughts. 

Welcome to my Life…

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